Etiquette Rule #50: Take it with You

Smooth Reading and Riding!
Over the past two years, we’ve shared our public transit tales and tips with you--hoping to strike a chord, or at least elicit a chuckle. When we started blogging about the different etiquette infractions--from eye-popping to stomach-churning--we couldn’t believe how many fellow riders commiserated with us! We were thrilled that you came to our site again and again to check out the rules, so we pulled together the ones you loved. We chose to do a Muni Manners book rather than the ever-popular iPad app (after all, we Ladies have a soft spot for tradition). So, pick one up and who knows--a fellow passenger may look over your shoulder and learn a thing or two. It’s been a fun ride!

Muni Manner: Carry the rules with you. It’s the safe and courteous thing to do.


virtual memorials said...

Ha-ha! Thanks ;) That's fantastic

Jipper said...

I catch ANYBODY looking over My shoulder ,I'm Not gonna Like it !.

Jipper said...

what ? If I Catch Anybody looking over My shoulder,It's not gonna be nice.